William Bajalia is a film director and writer from Valdosta, Georgia.  He discovered his passion for film at a very young age, and has since made it his life’s ambition to be a filmmaker, and spread his film’s messages to the world.  William earned his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Mass Media Filmmaking in May of 2015 from, Valdosta State University.  During his undergrad degree, he won multiple awards for his work as a director on films such as, Bittersweet Symphony, as well as graduated with the, “Outstanding Film Student Award”.


He recently earned his Masters of Fine Arts in Film Production from Full Sail University in September of 2016.  During his time at Full Sail, William held leadership positions on over a dozen films, working a variety of roles ranging from Camera Team, 1st Assistant Director, and 2nd Assistant Director, to Editor, Producer, and Director.


Out of his twelve film credits at Full Sail University, Bajalia personally wrote, directed, edited, and produced two documentaries and three narrative films including The Road Back, and his MFA Independent Thesis Film, Shoelaces, a family drama which tells the story of an introverted boy who attempts to tie his shoes while privately watching his young, divorced parents having an argument.  For the production of Shoelaces, Bajalia lead a team that raised over $2,000 for his film. He also successfully directed a cast and crew of over 45 talented filmmakers and individuals over a three-day production to achieve his artistic vision, all while completing production on time and under budget.


 William Bajalia currently resides in Los Angeles, California and is continuing his career as a director and filmmaker.